Flooperman 0.2.0 the update that never was

Flooperman 0.2.0 the update that never was


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In the world of music production and sound creation, Looperman.com has been a valuable resource for artists and producers alike. Its extensive library of user-generated loops and samples has provided endless creative possibilities. However, like any great story, there are sometimes unexpected twists and turns. Enter Flooperman, a looperman.com client that never saw the light of day due to unforeseen challenges.

The Birth of Flooperman

Flooperman was conceived to provide me with an efficient way to access and download the vast collection of loops and samples available on Looperman.com. As a passionate music producer and software developer, I embarked on this journey with excitement and enthusiasm, aiming to create a seamless and user-friendly client that would streamline the process of discovering and using loops.

The Flop

The initial development phase went smoothly, and Flooperman 0.1.0 started to take shape. However, as the project began work on version 0.2.0, a significant roadblock emerged: a verification check on Looperman.com that was not present when I first began development. This verification check was put in place to prevent automated scraping of the website's content.

Flooperman's primary function was to scrape and organize loops from Looperman.com, which aligned with the initial purpose. However, the introduction of the verification check posed a major challenge. While there were potential workarounds and methods to bypass the verification check, I faced a moral dilemma. As a developer, I wanted to respect Looperman.com's wishes and policies. After all, Looperman.com had created a valuable platform for artists, and their desire to protect their content was valid.

The Decision

After careful consideration and reflection, I made the difficult decision to discontinue the development of Flop-erman 0.2.0. While it was disappointing to let go of a project I had invested time and effort into, I believed it was the right choice to honor Looperman.com's stance on scraping. The decision was also a reminder of the ethical responsibilities that developers bear when creating software that interacts with existing platforms.

Moving Forward

Although Flop-erman may have met an untimely demise, the journey was not without its lessons. The experience served as a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of the digital landscape and the importance of staying informed about the policies and changes of the platforms we interact with.

As a music producer and developer, I will continue to seek innovative ways to enhance the music creation process while respecting the rights and wishes of content creators. While the project may have flopped, the experience has only fueled my determination to create meaningful and ethical solutions for the music production community.


Flooperman was a project born out of a desire to enhance the music production experience by making Looperman.com's vast library of loops more accessible. However, the unexpected introduction of a verification check led to its eventual demise. The decision to discontinue development served as a reminder of the ethical considerations that developers must navigate in an ever-changing digital landscape. While Flop-erman 0.2.0 may never be realized, the experience has left an indelible mark on the journey of combining technology and creativity in the world of music production.